In the Works

Coming Summer 2024  DARK RUN.

Watch for the second Phred Rivers mystery for summer 2024! It’s a runaway good read, a twisted mystery featuring Phred Rivers, psychologist, retired cop Tony Czarnak, and Todd Bartlett a teenager who can’t stay away. Coming soon, order your copy.

Catch up with Phred Rivers in her debut, OCTOBER RUN.

Published by Salt Cliff Press.




NIGHT OF THE ECLIPSE, available for representation, tells the story of Patience McCallister during the last days before the eclipse. Before the world goes dark, Patience is determined to put her life in order. Estranged family, romance, and magical realism make this a go-to read.

Given up at birth and adopted into a fractious, loving family, Patience wants what she has lost:  her mother. Patience thinks she is protected by the Voice, a guardian spirit. But is it her heart speaking truth? The imprint of her lost mother? When she steps into the lives of people she loves, with second sight, everything changes. Her final journey is harrowing and ultimately affirming.



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