Valentine’s Day? Get Real.

Joanne Chang-Myers' not-Valentine cookies
Joanne Chang-Myers’ not-Valentine cookies

I  admit, I’ve written about the joys of love and Valentine’s Day. I blogged about the delight of hand-crafted Valentine cards. I’m happy in love, married and hoping for red roses. BUT, it wasn’t always that way. So I was delighted when fabulous Joanne Chang-Myers, Flour Bakery, created what she called “sourheart” cookies. I think of them as “True Blues.” They tell the truth and well, blue speaks for itself.

Without naming names, I know of many women friends who are still looking for the right guy (or gal). They’ve kissed so many frogs that their lips look a bit green. Who is thinking of them on February 14th? Do they have to wait for Sadie Hawkins Day and take matters into their own hands? Or Leap Day…getting a chance every four years?  Why isn’t there a song, “I am woman and I hate Valentine’s Day?”

Even for couples, it’s a loaded day. Last year I was going to make a special dinner for my husband.  It was a weekday night, so I did what any self-respecting working woman would do:  stopped at Whole Foods.  I was just about the only woman in the prepared foods/bakery section as men scrambled about buying  hors d’oeuvre,  salmon en croute, truffle cake. And they all snatched cards on the way to the registers. Yes, those men and I all brought home nice dinners…thank you Whole Foods. How much nicer it would have been to just wait until a weekend, shop together, spend an afternoon cooking together and then a leisurely time over dinner.  Or, not a cook? That same time to take a drive to a special dining destination. We were doing the expected. Love shouldn’t be about expectation.  Anticipation, yes.

And back to the uncoupled. What would you want on your cookie from Flour Bakery? Here’s some other ideas from my single years (and heard from others):

  • Sayonara
  • Still a Frog
  • Had Better
  • Shrinkage?
  • Don’t Call

Got some ideas?  We’re PG-13 here …

And  me? Love my husband. I won’t be running through Whole Foods this year.  I may be stopping in at Flour Bakery. No sour hearts for me, but I love that they made them!















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  1. Never going back; Never again; Twice bitten; Keep dreaming; You’re not worthy; Nice try; Dream on; You wish … should I keep going? Oh, and for the record, happily married myself! <3

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