Starting New

If I could rewire the world, I would. It’s been a wild Spring to Summer and heading into Fall. I do know that nothing lasts (as in bad things) — and there is always the chance of starting anew. Think about it. I’m really holding onto this for personal reasons.

A few years ago, I left behind my big office job and switched to writing full time. After a couple of switch-ups, I will be sending out my new novel to agents in a couple of weeks. I am so very carefully making a list and checking it twice for THE LAST THING. I’m just a writer who will be standing in front of agents asking them to love my book.

I moved to Plymouth and am in love with this funky tourist town despite my slight discomfort with the Pilgrim vs. indigenous peoples issue. I live next door to Plimoth Plantation, which just announced a re-branding to the Plimoth Patuxet Museum. This kind of change is excellent.

But here’s the big thing I’ve learned. Nothing good leaves you. It’s in our cells. So 16 yo me in the photo, is still me. The horseback riding guitar player still knows the thrum and the trot. My friends/family I’ve lost are close in my heart. Meanwhile, we get to start whatever the heck we want. (with masks at the moment). My new/old thing: DO IT.

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