In the Works

SECOND SIGHT — is an upmarket literary novel with a speculative twist, for which I’m seeking representation. WHERE THE FOREST MEETS THE STARS X THE DUTCH HOUSE.

Is regret useful? I’ve written an exploration of redemption and forgiveness; SECOND SIGHT brings an unlikely forged family together in a pilgrimage set under an eclipsing sky.

Patience, given up at birth and adopted into a fractious, loving family, has a new mission in her life. She wants what she has lost: mother, a child, and the love that escaped her. Patience thinks she is protected by the Voice, a guardian spirit. But is it her heart speaking truth? The imprint of her lost mother? When she steps into the lives of people she loves, with second sight, everything changes. Her final journey is harrowing and ultimately affirming.



Please contact me if you are a literary agent interested in my work.