If Wishes Were Horses

If wishes were horses … I would have gotten that pony for Christmas one year. Or, years later, the shiny convertible with a giant red bow on top.

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride; if wishes were eggs, I’d have some fried,”my mother used to like to say. I don’t think it’s the original version, but for a girl who always wanted a pony, it gave me pause.

When my daughters were young, I told them they could make wish lists for Christmas. The lists were surprisingly modest and they usually received most of their wishes plus gifts that I just wanted to buy. There has to be surprises under the tree. I admit to playing loose with some of the items. The year Emma wanted a Husky dog, she got one but it was a Steiff–not the type that needed kibble and care.

My wishes today? World peace has always been on the list. Jobs for those who need them. Good health for those I love. Topping the list of things I can reasonably expect: my family gathered together. It’s become more difficult with a daughter in London and one in Brooklyn and me living now in Massachusetts.

Last year, we became a cyber family and gathered via Skype on Christmas morning. It was afternoon in England and very early morning in California for their father who joined in as well.  It’s not the same, but it was a good substitute. I can highly recommend it if you are longing to gather and cannot manage it. My husband, tech savant that he is, took the lead and signed up for Skype’s free trial for video conferencing–which we cancelled at the end of the 30 days.

We spent at least two hours opening presents on Christmas morning and chatting to the video images of each other. Wrappings piled up, we jockeyed to keep in view of the laptop’s video “eye” and the miles disappeared.  The best present was the chance to be together.

This year, Abi is with her in-laws in Warsaw, Poland and she is not sure about the schedule and the internet availability. Emma is visiting her Dad in California. So we proclaimed Christmas a moveable feast and are going to gather and Skype on December 30th. The tree is ready–and we get an extra week for shopping! There’s a strong will and we found a way to make it happen again this year.

May you be where you want and with those you love for Hanukkah and Christmas and Solstice.

* It took work, not wishes, to get that pony. When I was old enough to work and earn money, I bought a beautiful blue-eyed white horse and named him Galahad. Sometimes you just have to make the wishes happen.

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