Shorter than a Tweet

I’m craving color. It’s been long winter and spring has turned into one big tease. I’ve grabbed dozens of tulips from Trader Joe’s as I’m waiting for ours to breach. The easiest fix? Nail polish. It’s a double hit of satisfaction. Color and the names that say it all in less than 140 characters. Stories on my fingertips.

My sympathies to the men who don’t get to indulge. You could, but we aren’t quite there as a society are we? One delightful clerk at my favorite farm market sports groomed, manicured nails decorated with added bits of nail art. He’s definitely the exception. Last week it was metallic blue with white stripes. He smiles shyly when you compliment him.

Mani-pedi is a standard, nail salons ubiquitous and faux claws common. Not always the case. I didn’t have my first manicure until I was in my thirties. It didn’t become a habit until much later.  But my daughters and their friends made their first salon visits before they hit middle school. OPI now has a Mini Mouse 2013 collection of too-cute-for-words pinks.

Once I was hooked, I also was intrigued by the names. My all time favorite was a pink-hued red dubbed “Not a Waitress,” an OPI shade.   Apologies to waitresses, but I think you know what I mean. You can’t be scrubbing up the dishes when you have a fresh manicure. It’s a free pass to use your beautiful hands to gesture. Blow kisses. Stroke a cheek.  Nothing says freedom from housework like RED nails.

“Not a Waitress” became my color of choice during my dating years. I would book a late Friday appointment and enjoy the warm hand wrap and scented massage. As each brush stroke ran cool across my nails, tension drained away. I was ready for weekend fun.

nail-polishToday, I am as likely to do my own nails–it’s a life got too busy sort of thing. I play with other colors. When black polish hit as a trend, I went for that as well. There’s a certain don’t mess with me attitude that goes with ebony tips. And you can change at whim with a splash of remover.

I wonder if there are people who get paid to compose nail polish names? Wouldn’t that be a hoot? I’ve got a few ideas and they are shorter that a tweet. How about I Am a Parade pink and Freakin’ Fine red. I’m sure with practice, I could zing them out.

What would you name your favorite red? Pink? Blue?

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  1. “I’m not really a waitress” is my favorite red too. But for warmer weather, “Cajun Shrimp” is the winning mani-pedi color and sounds delicious to boot!

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