Not Small At All

Today is my birth day. Not that birthday. I have decided to simplify and right-size my life and document it as I go. Starting today, June 1st. Today also is the birthday of Marilyn Monroe. My story starts with a color.


The official color of the day, according to Pantone and Colorstrology by Michelle Bernhardt is Daffodil. I like that a lot. See my sun? It’s shining on this new day, golden yellow, hopeful. Like a daffodil, if daffodils grew in ninety degree heat.


My husband and I live in a typical house with 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths. Eight rooms total. It’s not a McMansion but with children grown and moved along, if feels big. To keep things going, we have lawn-guy and a house cleaner named Dave and a dog walker named Sam (actually Cassandra). We also have a landscaper who occasionally moves large things like trees and rocks around. We do the snow ourselves, with a super Honda snow blower that can blast a frosty stream about 30 feet. Today, with ninety plus degrees, the snow blower sounds good. In February, that’s not what I think.

We have both passed 60. At some point, we will be baby boomers who are looking at retirement and saying “huh?”  Trust me, Woodstock did not prepare anyone for retirement.

Not Small At All is dedicated to getting to that place in life that is just the right size. Navigating to a smaller house is the task. And the metaphor.  I expect the journey of the next year will be like a carnival ride: up, down, around. Sometimes you get nauseous, but it’s always exciting.  I plan to blog as often to daily as humanly possible. IF I have a chance to go see Angkor Wat, then I’ll go and I won’t blog that day.

I don’t expect to go to Cambodia. I do expect to be consumed by the work at hand. I invite you to come along for the ride. If you have been thinking about your own life, longing for less instead of more, Not Small At All is for you. I plan to make mistakes and be able to learn and move on.  In six months, we hope to have bought our next house. In twelve, we plan to have realigned our lives so that we can enjoy the days more fully, smile often, play more. Can we do it?

Join me here as often as you can. Subscribe .. it’s free and it doesn’t kill trees to read Not Small At All.

That’s my big idea …. and it is NOT Small at all.


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