When Kick Comes to Start

I remember when I decided to launch a Kickstarter project:  a  June day washed with sun and optimism. Then there were weeks of figuring out the logistics. Building the site. Trying to guess which rewards would appeal to backers. Planning an impromptu launch party to gather friends, and my nerve. When I hit the GO button on NEELIE’S TRUTH Kickstarter project, I went into a month of crazy ups and downs. It was like pregnancy. You know that something great is coming your way but the process can be fraught with doubts as much as dreams.

Kickstarter warns you not to overreach. Not to over promise. In the end, I made goal thanks to 72 backers. Since then, I’ve been immersed in birthing the book.  We have books in hand. YAY. I’m having yet another launch celebration, this time for NEELIE’S TRUTH.  And, I’m sorting, packing, writing notes to the lovely Kickstarter supporters.


2014-04-23 14.46.18


With each envelope, each package, I am treasuring the Kickstarter backers all over again. What could have been a mundane task is really a joyful connection.  

You like me, you really like me, actress Sally Fields exclaimed

Every step has been a labor of love with this book. Including this one.


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