Hallelujah, Praise Cohen

courtesy of LeonardCohen.com

The wonder of Twitter is that I find myself spending moments in splendid reflection. Truth is, I also find myself wondering why I have a follower that promises non-surgical face lifts; and why does one click go through to porn? 

The great algorithms in the sky are not always in sync with my soul.

But, back to splendid. A new follower from Ontario. On his profile, a link to Leonard Cohen. And here I sit on a far too chilly May day, listening to Hallelujah. Leonard Cohen, with his bottomless voice that reads between a purr and a growl, is giving me the best moments of my day. I can’t remember ever seeing him perform it. Thank you YouTube.

If you’ve forgotten how it feels … I’m sharing. “Suzanne,” I’ve loved his poetry, his storytelling, and he has aged into a person who is more than the sum of his work. Hallelujah.


p.s. NovemberRain716, this one’s for you!

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