Put Down Your Cell


My scruffy shih tzu bull dogge rescue has joined those who don’t want their parents zoning out on cell phones. Roscoe now paw slaps the offender, whacking the phone. True, Roscoe is not perfectly behaved, but I’ve decided that I’m with him on this. Plus, it’s usually his “Dad” who gets attacked during our family TV time. I am single-brained and focus on the show.

Recently, my daughter joined in with her own version of paw slap.

HER: Dad (my ex) is always on his phone.

ME: At least I don’t do that.   Silence

HER: Yes, you do.

ME: Slightly defensive    Not during meals.

HER: No, but when I’m with people, I want to feel like I have their attention.

ME: Mentally scanning our last time together, an occasion is infrequent and valued by me. I did pick up my phone when we were together. Damn.

ALSO, ME: I’m sorry. I will definitely try harder.

The following day, feeling the sting and annoyance with myself, I texted her to say thank you for her advisory.

Big bad behavior isn’t fixed overnight: interrupting friends; not listening; eating the last cookie. Ignoring real people in favor of your cell phone.

And if I’m not holding my phone, I could hold hands. Pet Roscoe. Write, which I do two-handed on keyboard. Or pay better attention.

PS   And also, can’t take a selfie of the selfie machine. Herein lies a sketch.

Roscoe by Olga   (IG @rogalik05)

Phone by BF


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